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neutralizers are actually reorganizing locks cross-bonds to develop up locks straight. Step#3: Condition Depending on the sickness of the locks to be relaxed, the refresher may provide before the soothing formula, after or sometimes it may even provide both before and after. Two types of the weather is available: lotion locks hair conditioners and the necessary andras fiber protein or liquid locks hair conditioners. If you have incredibly curly locks, or your hair are damaged by constant heated appliances and other ingredients, you may need to take advantage of refresher before the soothing process. And whenever of the serious locks harm from the previous locks hair-styling methods it is advisable not to develop up material hair-styling until the hair are at least partially recovered. In other circumstances it is useful to take advantage of refresher before the soothing process to secure over-processed or fragile locks. The refresher may also provide after the hair-styling process to avoid chance of locks becoming weak and dry. Heat Straightening Heat hair-styling is usually known as short-term hair-styling because it needs to provide on durable foundation at regular intervals. However, simultaneously it is less dangerous comparing with the material hair-styling. There are many different resources and hair straighteners for heated hair-styling. The technologies used for those clubs are also numerable. There are steel hair straighteners, jade hair straighteners, sappapex andrase hair straighteners, ceramic hair straighteners, tourmaline hair straighteners, and ceramic tourmaline hair straighteners. Though all of the listed devices are used to straighten up up locks, each of them has different characteristics. Though the history of the hair straighteners starts with the steel hair straighteners, now the latest word is ceramic/tourmaline straightener and Sedu locks straightener as the best in the range. Technologies used for ceramic/tourmaline locks hair straighteners are known as tourmaline ionizing and ceramic moisturising. Tourmaline that is included in Sedu clubs, release ions when heated and that results in the locks ionizing which enables to recover smoothness and silkiness of the locks. Ceramic, which the plates are made from, provides organic moisture for the locks and simply leaves it more bright and more healthy than

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